Polymer protection films


Price on request

Protection films made of foamed polymer, thanks to its unique structure, it is one of the best protective packagings, reliably and qualitatively protecting the sides, corners, and edges of various products from hits, compression, vibration, scratches, cuttings and other accidental damages in the process of packaging, rigging, and transportation.


- U-shaped protective profile 2040x600x400;

- L-shaped protective profile 2040x600x400;

- Protective profile for glass 1200x460;

- Protective profiles-pillows Pads with a self-adhesive strip;

- Pads protective cushion profiles with self-adhesive strip 1200x800x700

- Protective corners made of foamed polyethylene 785*585*585

- U-shaped protective profiles on reels in continuous winding and with V-shaped cut-outs along the entire length of the profile for packing rounded products 1200 x460;

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