Self-adhesive envelopes


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Self-adhesive envelops are the optimal packaging for shipping accompanying documents (declarations, bills of lading, invoices, packing, and advertising sheets, business cards, etc.) when transporting cargo.

The adhesive layer on one of the sides of the envelope allows placing on any smooth surfaces of the appropriate size, in particular, cardboard or plastic packages. Envelopes made of high-density transparent polyethylene can be closed with a special adhesive tape.

The advantages of self-adhesive envelops:

- Protecting the enclosed document from moisture, steam and dirt;

- Identification of cargo;

- Providing quick access to necessary information and documents.

The most popular types of self-adhesive envelops are:

- C5 (240*180 mm);

Envelops fit an A4 document folded in half.

- C6 (175*135 mm);

Envelops fit four folded A4 documents.

- C7 (90x110 mm);

Envelops fit a business card, a small leaflet or a plastic card.

- A5 (185*242 mm);

Envelops fit a folded A4 document in half.

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