Craft bubble bags


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The external layer of this craft bag is thick beige or snow-white craft paper. The density of such paper is 100 g/m2, therefore it is resistant to punctures and mechanical damage. Moreover, craft paper is waterproof, which is important in the process of postal delivery in our climatic conditions.

The inner layer of the package is an air bubble film, i.e. two layers of high-density polyethylene, between which the bubbles are tightly sealed. This is like protecting the internal contents of a postal package with an air cushion. The air has an excellent ability to protect. Sometimes even stronger than solid materials: wood, cardboard, metal. Even with severe impacts, air will amortize, so it would not be damaged during postal activities on its way to the receiver, even if very fragile objects are inside.

Each craft bag with an air layer has a special valve that closes the bag securely with adhesive tape. It is located on the narrow side of the package. It is always packed manually.

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