Seven-layer cardboard

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Seven-layer cardboard is the most durable in its class. Products made of it are made especially strong and can withstand a weight of several hundred kilograms to several tons.

Several nested corrugated layers mitigate the mechanical impacts that occur during transportation.

That is why products made of seven-layer cardboard are used for packaging and transporting heavy, bulky cargo.

Packaging made of seven-layer cardboard has a lower weight compared to wood or plastic, which reduces the total weight of the cargo and reduces transport costs.

This type of cardboard is used in the transportation of glass and other building materials.

Seven-layer cardboard consists of four flat layers and three fluting layers.

Flute has the following characteristics: its height (h) and pitch (wavelength - t).

For some brands of seven-layer cardboard, individual flutings may have different profiles, then the general characteristic is designated BE, BC, CEB, etc.


Quantity of layers 7
Color top layer White, brown
Flute (height) CEC (9,4 – 10,2 mm), CEB(8,2 – 9,0 mm), CEE(7,1 – 7,8 mm)
Brand of cardboard C-41, C-42, C-43, C-44


  Easy assembly of packaging in any format from seven-layer cardboard on the spot


  Disposal does not harm the environment.

  It can withstand a weight of up to 200 kilograms.

  The outer layers are produced in brown or white, which is more suitable for color printing.

  Forms strong stiffening ribs, resists shocks well.

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