Seven-layer cardboard

from 200 ₽

Triple-wall board is the most durable in its class. The items made from it are extra strong and can carry weight from several hundreds of kilograms to several tons.

Several nested corrugated layers cushion physical impacts during transportation.

That’s why triple-wall board items are used to pack and transport super heavy bulky cargos.

The triple-wall board package is lighter than wooden or plastic ones, which reduces the general weight of cargo and cuts shipping charges.

This board is used for transporting glass and other construction materials.

The triple-wall board consists of four flat layers (liners) and three corrugated ones (flutings).

Flute describes the fluting characteristics: its height (h) and spacing (wavelength - t).

In the case of some triple-wall board brands, separate flutings may have different flutes, then the general characteristic is designated as BE, BC, СЕВ, etc.


Quantity of layers 7
Color top layer White, brown
Flute (height) CEC (9,4 – 10,2 mm), CEB(8,2 – 9,0 mm), CEE(7,1 – 7,8 mm)
Brand of cardboard C-41, C-42, C-43, C-44


  Easy assembling of packing of any format from the triple-wall board on site.


  Disposal doesn’t damage the environment.

  Carries the weight to 200 kilograms.

  External liners are made brown or white more suitable for color printing.

  Forms durable stiffening ribs, high shock resistance.

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