Paper adhesive tape


Paper packing duct tape is acrylic glue-based manufactured.

Has a wide range of applications from packing cardboard baskets to handicraft. 

The paper base is great to handle carton boxes and makes the packaging look attractive and neat.


Disposal doesn’t damage the environment.


Color Brown
Winding length 50 m
Tape width 40 / 50 mm
Bushing diameter 6 mm
Paper weight 70 g/m2
Glue type acryl
Adhesive layer 30 g/m2
Thermostability -20 ~ +70 °C
Size deviations: by width: ±2 mm; by winding length: ±1 m


  The tape is easy to use, tear with hands without using any cutting tools.

  Has a long service life since it combines the high adhesion of the glue coat with good tensile strength.

  Bushing and paper bed can be branded.

  When using the tape, better results are achieved when the surface to be taped is dry and clean, temperature conditions during taping +10~30°C.

Expiry date:

12 months / at 20 °C and air humidity 50%, no direct sunlight.


Product Price
Paper Adhesive Tape 40mm*50m (42pcs / box) From 96 ₽ ₽
Paper Adhesive Tape 50mm*50m (36pcs / box) From 108 ₽ ₽
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