Sale and purchase of recycables

We specialize in buying, sorting, pressing and storing recyclable materials that do not require a license.

  More than 8 years of work in the market of processing.

  More than 50 regular customers, among them mainly large foreign and Russian factories and logistics complexes.

  Work with all kinds of plastic, waste paper, used containers.

  Providing optimal logistics with consideration for the specifics of each facility.

  Picking up all types of recyclable materials in one vehicle.

  Picking up on schedule or on call.

  Convenient customer service, individual approach to each client.

  Removal of waste paper by fauna (a specialized machine that can hold up to 4.5 tons of uncompressed cardboard).

  Flexible terms of payment, possibility of prepaid work.

  Qualitative paperwork.

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Адрес: 5 Uspenskaya st. 143409 Krasnogorsk city, Moscow Region,
Телефон:+7 (495) 727-02-44, Электронная почта: